The recipe of our origin and future

Tradición y artesanía

1. Craftsmanship and tradition

I can still remember the smell of the sweets that made my grandmother made when I was little, and I looked at her with admiration. At that time, I would never have imagined that two generations later, I would follow her advice when fussing over food, an essential part in the craftsmanship of her biscuits which subsequently, you can taste that delicate touch of her creation.

2. Commitment and health

Along our journey of traditional pastry making, we were finding a forgotten market for people intolerant to eggs, milk, wheat etc... This prompted us to focus on people who, in some way, were discriminated against when eating a HEALTHY AND BENEFICIAL sweet. Starting up in 2006 was a decisive step for us, we embarked on an adventure full of great experiences shared with our customers. Seeing their happy faces shone the light on the way forward with our project.
Compromiso con Biodarma
Premio calidad Biodarma

3. Recognition and motivation

We presented the product in Germany, and to our surprise we were awarded the gold medal for excellent quality. I remember that moment like a breath of fresh air to our dreams, it was becoming our reality. Currently, we have received various awards, one being the first prize for a HEALTHY AND SUSTAINABLE company.