Organic farming, the source of our raw materials, respects natural crop cycles, avoiding the need to use synthetic chemical products, with the utmost respect for the countryside.
Biological or organic foodstuffs offer direct benefits for our organism. Our Delizias cookies and Bio Rikas Muffins are 100% wholemeal, free from preservatives and artificial colouring. They are made using traditional recipes with certified organic ingredients and they thus offer numerous properties and higher nutritional value, with the true artisanal taste.

The pleasure of feeling healthy

Our diet is one of the major factors which contribute to our health. This is why we insist in choosing only the best ingredients and why we put quality so highly. We are therefore able to guarantee that our products are 100% bio. Numerous studies have shown that ecological farming methods are of great benefit to our diet, since they help us prevent anemia, allergies, fatigue, depression and cardiovascular disease. Moreover, ecological products naturally provide more calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium and assimilated proteins.